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Published On: Feb 13th 2017 Decision

Review of the framework for the grant of right of use of radio spectrum for test and trial purposes.

Published On: Jan 23rd 2017 Decision

The MCA Final Decision on the markets for the provision of high-quality access and connectivity services provided at a fixed location in Malta.

Published On: Jan 17th 2017 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is hereby imposing must-carry obligations on GO Plc’s Fixed Line Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network with respect to the carriage of all General Interest TV channels.

Published On: Dec 9th 2016 Decision

The MCA is publishing its decision on GO plc’s application for funding of the net cost it incurred during 2013 in providing universal service obligations.

Published On: Dec 2nd 2016 Decision

Response to Consultation and Decision.

Published On: Nov 14th 2016 Decision

The MCA has published the final decision extending the scope of the Broadband QoS Framework.