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Published On: Jan 25th 2018 Decision

The purpose of Directive number 1 of 2018 is to amend article 9 of Directive Number 1 of 2004 so as to reflect the provisions at law under paragraph (a) of part C of the Eighth Schedule of SL. 399.28 of the Laws of Malta.

Published On: Dec 4th 2017 Decision

The purpose of these amendments is to update references to applicable legislation, to do away with or amend provisions which are no longer applicable or which need to be updated to reflect changes in the law notably as a result of the administrative charges as reflected in the First Schedule of Postal Services (General) Regulations - SL 254.01 of the Laws of Malta.

Published On: Oct 9th 2017 Decision

The availability of adequate spectrum is critical to the deployment of mobile technologies particularly with respect to high-speed wireless data connections that enable the deployment of innovative services.  Such developments have a direct effect on the quality of life of the citizens both in terms of bridging th...

Published On: May 24th 2017 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing the Decision document which established the assignment and management process for the 1.5GHz band.

Published On: Feb 23rd 2017 Decision

The MCA published a decision on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred in providing universal service obligations during 2013.