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Published On: Dec 4th 2018 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority is publishing a decision on the times of collection of postal articles from letterboxes.

Published On: Sep 24th 2018 Decision

Corrigendum to MCA Decision No. MCA/D/17-2971 of 9 October 2017 on the assignment process for additional spectrum for wireless broadband.

Published On: Jun 28th 2018 Decision

In line with Decision (EU) 2017/899, the MCA is publishing the National Roadmap for the UHF band between 470 – 790 MHz. This roadmap lays down the foundation to ensure that Malta is well positioned to adopt and benefit from future wireless technologies while sustaining competitiveness in the rapidly changing digital world.

Published On: May 14th 2018 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing the Decision Notice on Postcodes as an Integral Part of a Postal Address

Published On: Apr 16th 2018 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing the decision document on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred by GO plc in providing universal service obligations during 2014.

Published On: Jan 26th 2018 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing its decision notice on the Review of GO plc application of the USO funding claim for the year 2014.