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Published On: Jun 2nd 2006 Decision

Report on Consultation and Decision - June 2009.

Published On: Mar 24th 2006 Decision

This document specifies charging for numbering portability.

Published On: Feb 3rd 2006 Decision

Identification and Analysis of markets, determination of market power and setting of remedies.  [1]   [1] ...

Published On: Dec 21st 2005 Decision

This report encapsulates the responses elicited during the national consultation period, the MCA's replies and the final position adopted by the Authority. ...

Published On: Dec 6th 2005 Decision

This is a public consultation on draft IRG principles of implementation and best practice (PIBS) regarding the application of retail minus pricing methodologies. ...

Published On: Nov 30th 2005 Decision

Directive 2 of 2005 on the modalities of payment for contributions to the cost of Legal Intercept obligations under the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act.