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Published On: Jun 13th 2013 Guidelines

Standard format of incident reporting that meets the requirements of Article 13a.

Published On: Jan 17th 2013 Guidelines

These guidelines have been drawn up to provide the MCA with a set procedure related to the timelines and sanctions concerning the quarterly statistical data collection.

Published On: Aug 24th 2012 Guidelines

The document gives an overview of the data collection process from the initial data request to the Legal process.

Published On: Dec 2nd 2011 Guidelines

Must-carry obligations require operators of certain TV broadcast networks that are used by a significant number of end-users as the main means to receive TV broadcasts, ....

Published On: Dec 1st 2011 Guidelines

The Authority, in accordance with Regulation 86 (2) and (3) of the ECNSR and paragraph 11.1 of the Directive, is hereby publishing an overview of projected contributions and legal interception costs for the period 1st January '12 to 31st December '12. ...

Published On: Sep 8th 2011 Guidelines

The purpose of these Guides is to provide information and to assist traders: * Better fulfil their eCommerce obligations at law and thereby minimise costs that might result from non-compliance; * Become aware of the regulatory authorities having competencies relevant to the field of online business; * Become a...