Published On: Jan 12th 2018

Following an interest as expressed by one of the local mobile operators, the Malta Communications Authority is inviting applications from the parties who have expressed their interest in additional spectrum for wireless broadband in the 800 MHz band, 1800 MHz band and the 2.5 GHz band respectively.

Published On: Jan 8th 2018

The Malta Communications Authority is hereby issuing a Call for Applications for Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband.

Published On: Jan 5th 2018

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is today publishing the results of its latest business perception survey. The survey was carried out using a sample of 394 respondents which is representative of the Maltese business community (composed mainly of micro enterprises engaging between 0-9 employees).

Published On: Dec 14th 2017

The public debriefing of 13 December 2017 in Brussels was the occasion for the BEREC Chair 2017 to come back on the work done by BEREC in 2017 that was marked by important work on Net neutrality, mobile and roaming issues and the framework review, and present the work programme for next year.

Published On: Nov 30th 2017

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), with the support of two of the most renowned Cloud Computing Providers - Microsoft and Google, and the members of the Malta Cloud Forum, today hosted its first national cloud computing event, entitled Malta Cloud Forum 2017.

Published On: Nov 28th 2017

In view of the excess demand expressed for some of the respective bands, the MCA will, in the coming days, publish a Call for Applications for Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband in line with the assignment process as defined in the MCA/D/17-2971.