Innovation activity is underpinned by four principal thrusts, as follows:

The first thrust is to foster an innovation culture. This includes activity that encourages and promotes home-grown tech entrepreneurship whilst recognising Malta’s success stories.

A second thrust builds on innovation intelligence to contribute towards creating an environment that stimulates and facilitates business innovation. Aside of theme-specific studies, this thrust also includes the participation in or organisation of consultative fora for stakeholders.

Thirdly, MCA is engaged in activity that contributes to the growth of Malta’s digital business community. Under this thrust, the Authority seeks to keep abreast with community growth trends and explores measures that can support such growth. This includes the organisation of, and participation in, community and networking events.

The fourth thrust revolves around promoting Malta and increasing international visibility for the local community of digital businesses. This thrust is aimed at showcasing Malta, internationally, as an ideal base for innovative businesses that leverage ICTs to deliver their business solutions.