Smart Women

The Malta Communications Authority is currently leading a KA2 Erasmus+ project

Seven partners from European countries, including Malta through the Malta Communications Authority, joined forces to create a European Training Model, in the framework of the Smart Women project. The aim of this training program is to encourage online entrepreneurship amongst women, as well as to offer the necessary coaching that allows participants to put their business ideas into practice.

The project shall offer women in Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and Cyprus, the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and support required to start an online business.

Through cross border sales, Europe offers a great deal of opportunities for businesses to grow in the single market. Despite this, only a fraction of businesses are online. Nowadays the vast majority of consumers, opt to search the web before making a purchase. This presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to increase consumer reach locally and cross border. However, only 8% of businesses are selling products and services cross border, online. This rate is expected to increase as more people gain the digital skills required to take their business online, which is the main aim of the Smart Women project.

The project will be piloted in Malta by the Malta Communications Authority, in Latvia by LITKA, in Lithuania by Langas i Ateiti, in Romania by EOS Romania, in Spain by Fundacion Dedalo, and in Cyprus by the Cyprus Computer Society, during 2018. The partners are supported by the ALL DIGITAL network.

For more information, you are kindly requested to visit the project’s website Follow us on Facebook - Smart Women EU.