Hour of Code Week

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) and the eLearning Department within MEDE are collaborating to drive a national initiative as part of the ‘Hour of Code ‘ global initiative aimed at the popularising computer coding amongst schools children.

St. Clare Primary School of Pembroke will be one of the schools that will is going to host an event for its students, who will be spending a half day carrying out different coding activities, including programming robots and writing short programmes  . Around 40 other schools with an approximate students population of 6000 will also be holding coding activities for their respective students.

The coding event at St. Clare Primary School was visited by Hon Minister Dr Emmanuel Mallia.

This coding event was additionally endorsed by European MP’s; Dr Miriam Dalli and Dr Roberta Metsola , who earlier this year have made official visits to the MCA during which they have both commended MCA’s  efforts to promote coding amongst schools children. Both MEP’s have further supported this initiative by sending a recorded messages commending the event and encouraging students to engage in more similar coding activities.

This activity compliments other joint MCA and MEDE projects to spread knowledge and awareness about the importance of coding amongst the young generations, who as adult , will be living in a world where digital technology will have most likely permeated all aspect of their lives. 

Press release in English

Press release in Maltese