Innovation Intelligence

Drawing from intelligence and insight allows the Authority to contribute towards the creation of an environment that stimulates and facilitates business innovation. The MCA activity thus includes theme-specific studies and the participation in or organisation of consultative fora for stakeholders. Moreover, the Authority is also open to address one-to-one business enquiries. 

For instance, in 2015 the MCA held a study on Malta’s attractiveness to digital businesses, gathering feedback from 44 interviews with startup founders, talent and related experts. The study’s preliminary findings were presented at a consultation workshop, and compounded with the feedback of 45 representatives from 21 stakeholder organisations in attendance. 

The MCA also actively participates in or organises thematic expert meetings and consultation fora for stakeholders. For instance, a thematic expert meeting was held in January 2015, debating opportunities in content distribution in the Digital Single Market. Moreover, the MCA is an active member in the Malta Entrepreneurship Stakeholder Forum.

Moreover, through its LinkedIn Group MCA Innovation Observatory, the Authority regularly disseminates relevant news and intelligence with group members. Interested parties are invited to send a request to join this group.