eCommerce Adoption by the Crafts

The MCA, with the support of the Commerce Department, commissioned a review of the Crafts sector to map out this industry vis-a-vis the use of digital technology, in particular eCommerce.  Based on the notion that eCommerce could help grow this industry, the National eCommerce Strategy identified the Crafts sector as one of the key priority areas requiring immediate intervention. The study sought to identify opportunities for growth for this sector resulting from the adoption of eCommerce, whilst making recommendations regarding possible initiatives designed to facilitate the adoption of digital tools by this industry.

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The projects undertaken so far to assist the Crafts sector take advantage of the opportunities brought about by eCommerce:

  • Mentoring sessions for the Crafts industry

 A series of practical presentations and workshops were held guiding and mentoring interested participants active in the local crafts sector, to establish a sound online presence. These workshops provided a step-by-step process for establishing and managing an effective online presence across various channels such as a website and/or social media. Participants were guided through a self-assessment of options leading to the implementation of a planned approach for establishing, enhancing and monitoring their online presence.

  •  Ta Dbieġi Project 

A dedicated crafts portal for the artisans operating from this crafts village and a very much needed information guide for people visiting the village and those who would like to digitally interact with the artisans. This portal is meant to be a focal point for authentic Gozitan crafts, whilst also assisting in promoting crafts-related events happening in Gozo, such as artisan markets, exhibitions and more.  The artisans at the Ta’ Dbieġi village were provided with training on digital marketing to help them exploit the benefits that the use of digital tools brings. Visit the Gozo Artisans website.