What is Cloud Computing?

Back in 2016, the MCA published an eBook entitled ‘A Guide to Cloud Computing for SMEs and microenterprises’ during a conference jointly organised by the MCA and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA). The aim of this eBook was to guide enterprises on how to use the right technology to maximise their outputs, leading to greater efficiency and greater productivity for businesses and sustainable economic growth.

The eBook provides a comprehensive overview on the benefits of cloud computing, the different solutions available on the market, how to select the right vendor to ensure their business needs are met and a step-by-step guide on how to go about introducing and implementing a cloud computing solution.

Click here to download eBook.

Following this publication, in the Malta Cloud Forum 2017, the MCA joined forces with Cloud Academy to make the Academy’s educational videos on cloud computing available on its website. Cloud Academy generously offered the Authority the opportunity to embed this playlist on its web page, with the aim of serving as a mini toolkit for all those who intend to simply know more about the cloud or those who are at the beginning of their cloud-transition journey and wish to establish a more solid background on the topic.