Public Consultation: Transposition of the EECC into Maltese law

The Ministry for the Economy and Industry has published a public consultation on the transposition of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) into Maltese law. 

The EECC marks a significant revision of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications which underpins the regulation of the electronic communications sector in Malta.

The new Directive 2018/1972 of 11 December 2018 establishing the EECC entered into force on 20 December 2018, and is required to be transposed into national legislation by EU Member States. 

Given the rapid development undergone by the electronic communications sector in recent years, the EECC is meant to better reflect evolving technologies and key market developments, such as the demand for High Capacity Networks (HCN) and the need for efficient spectrum management to support next generation mobile connectivity (including 5G).

Overall, the aim of this revised framework is to promote investment through sustainable competition, encourage efficient and effective use of radio spectrum, maintain the security of networks and services, and provide a higher level of consumer protection.‚Äč 

These changes set out by the EECC will continue contributing towards a modern and effective regulatory framework fit for today's digital age. 

All stakeholders - from industry players to consumers - are encouraged to read the consultation document and provide their feedback on these proposed amendments to legislation. This input will allow Government to formulate a regulatory framework which reflects EU realities while taking into account Malta's own national requirements.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the consultation process is encouraged to do so here.

Submissions must be received by 15 March 2021.