MCA 20: Unlocking Digital Value For Society

The MCA held its 20th Anniversary Conference on the 25th November 2021 with the theme "Unlocking Digital Value for Society". The event will comprised a hybrid format, including both physical and virtual participation, and featured a line-up of high-profile international and local speakers.

All sessions from the conference may be viewed from the links below:

Summary of the day

Morning Session: A Decade of Digital Opportunities and Threats

The morning session focused on tapping into technological opportunities for enhanced connectivity and mitigating threats in the digital age. Discussions revolved around key themes including the potential benefits of technological innovations for citizens and different industries, the need for joint cooperation in policy development, putting the necessary safeguards in place against potential harms, and encouraging trust and confidence in new technologies. 

Afternoon Session: Delivering Value for All in a Digital World

The afternoon session delved into contemporary areas related to digital services, as regulated by the MCA. Discussions revolved around the opportunities and challenges related to the adoption of digital services, as well as the MCA’s vision for local eCommerce in the coming years. The session then honed in on the topic of digital inclusion. A presentation was delivered on best practices for designing a website and optimising its accessibility, followed by a panel where several experts shared their insights on best practices, challenges, and trends in the digital accessibility space.

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