EMF Monitoring Programme – Nationwide Wideband EMF Audit

To provide further assurance on undertakings’ compliance to EMF obligations, the MCA conducts a detailed assessment of the public exposure to the levels of EMF by taking measurements at the carriage ways around the towns and villages across the Maltese Islands. Such an assessment serves to provide assurance to the general public that EMF levels in accessible areas are within the safe EMF reference levels as applicable at law. The nationwide wideband EMF audit focuses on the real-time levels of EMF emanating from all radio transmitting apparatus operating during the interval of the measurement activity. Measurements included transmissions from mobile base stations, radio and TV broadcast, PMR and radars amongst other sources.

The EMF Monitoring Programme reports for the Nationwide Wideband EMF Audits can be found below:



Open Data - Nationwide Wideband EMF Audit

Data pertaining to the Nationwide Wideband EMF Audits is being made available to the public for download as open data under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.

The data set contains the real-time EMF values in V/m as measured in the public carriage ways of Malta and Gozo during the reporting period in question. The files contains the following column information:

  • MaxOfEMF level: the real-time EMF measured value
  • EMF Units: The unit of the EMF measurement (V/m)
  • Latitude: The latitude co-ordinate (WGS 84)
  • Latitude Direction: The latitude direction
  • Longitude: The longitude co-ordinate (WGS-84)
  • Longitude Direction: The longitude direction
  • LastOfTime (UTC): The time when the measurement was recorded
  • Date: The date when the measurement was recorded