Virtual Unbundled Access to Fibre-To-The-Home: Implementing the VULA Remedy

By virtue of the SMP status found on GO plc (hereafter ‘GO’) in the Wholesale Infrastructure Access Market (Market 4), the MCA is hereby putting for public consultation the Reference Offer that GO is obliged to implement in order to provide virtual access to its Fibre-to-the-Home (hereafter ‘FTTH’) network.  The consultation also addresses various measures to ensure equivalence of access, including the methodology for the setting of wholesale charges.

The Virtual Unbundled Local Access (hereafter ‘VULA’) Offer comprises two important elements mainly:

  • the Reference Offer which sets out the underlying terms and conditions upon which access will be provided by GO including the technical set-up under which VULA will be offered and
  • the wholesale VULA Charges.
The aim of this consultation document is to receive feedback on the:
  • the VULA Reference Offer;
  • the methodology underlying the ER Model upon which GO is to set the wholesale VULA Charges; and
  • the compliance mechanism that the MCA intends to adopt to ensure that GO abides by its obligations in relation to the setting of the VULA charges.
The MCA is inviting interested parties to submit their feedback in relation to the proposed measures set out in the Consultation Document.  The Authority will analyse the feedback received and issue its decision notice following notification to the European Commission.
Responses to this consultation must be received by 12.00hrs Wednesday, 10 June 2015.
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Electronic Communications

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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