Proposed Decision on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred in providing universal service obligations during 2015

As in the case of previous years, in accordance to Regulation SL.399.28, GO plc, as the designated undertaking to provide universal services, sent an application of the net costs it claimed to have incurred in order to provide these services during 2015. The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) commissioned a reputable audit firm to assist it in reviewing this claim. Following a verification and audit exercise it emerged that GO had incurred an element of unfair burden for providing the specified universal services.

The MCA has published a proposed decision for consultation entitled ‘Review of GO plc’s application for funding of the net costs claimed to have been incurred to provide universal service obligations during 2015’. Subsequently a decision notice was published based on its proposed decisions. Following an analysis on the final assessment of the claim for funding, the Government of Malta decided that the established total amount of €122,644 be financed from public funds.  

Regulatory Type: 
Electronic Communications

MCA Reference: 
Closing Date: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019