Pricing of Postal Redirection Services provided by MaltaPost plc - Responses to Consultation and Decision Notice

For a number of years, Maltapost has charged for redirection requests and the extension of existing redirections according to the following annual tariff structure:  

  •  Inland Mail / Outbound Cross Border Mail:
    •  € 4.66 for normal redirections; 
    •    € 23.29 when the redirection is to a Post Office Box/Branch.
The MCA published a consultation paper on 23rd May 2012 entitled “Pricing of Postal Redirection Services provided by MaltaPost plc” detailing a proposal submitted by Maltapost that redirection services should be amended according to the following tariff structure:
  • General mail addressed to local addresses:
    • Individuals, NGOs, Not-for-Profit Organisations-
      • Free for the first 6 months;
      • €5 for the second 6 months.
    • Businesses and other Entities-
      • €10 for the first 12 months.
MaltaPost had also proposed that the company enjoys freedom to price and operate all other redirection requests.
After taking in consideration the consultation responses received, the MCA is approving the revised tariff structure proposed by MaltaPost. The new tariffs may be introduced after 30 days from the publication of this decision notice. The MCA also concluded that other redirection services shall continue to be part of the universal service but the prices to be charged by MaltaPost shall be as established by MaltaPost from time to time.
This Decision Notice outlines the work undertaken by the MCA in assessing the proposed pricing structure, gives an overview of the consultation responses received, and presents the MCA’s final decisions with respect to the review of the tariff structure of postal redirection services.


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