New Roaming Initiative: Public Consultation

The European Commission believes that consumers continue to pay unreasonably high prices for using their mobile phone abroad. 

This is reducing cross-border use of mobile phones and presents an obstacle to the European market for electronic communications, so the Commission has started work on an EU regulation on international roaming charges.

The Commission intends proposing this important regulation to the European Parliament and the Council as rapidly as possible.

From its entry into force – which could be in the second part of 2007 - it will have immediate effect in all 25 Member States and will not require further transposition into national law.

To assist with the preparation of this Regulation, and with the corresponding impact assessment, the Commission would welcome views from interested parties on the following questions:

What form should a regulation of international roaming charges take i.e. should it be targeted at wholesale level charges or retail level or both?

What regulatory and pricing mechanism (or control) would achieve the desired objectives of such a regulation in the most effective and simple manner?

What is your view on the impacts - positive and negative - that regulation of international roaming charges could have:
1. in general economic and social terms?
2 on industry players?
3. on consumers?

Please send your comments on these issues and any other related matters that you consider to be relevant to by close of business on 17 March 2006. 

Regulatory Type: 
Electronic Communications

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Closing Date: 
Friday, March 17, 2006