MCA Decision - The Future of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz Bands

Following the extensive consultation process undertaken during 2009, the MCA has today published a Decision Notice regarding the future of spectrum in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz band.

The purpose of this document is to inform the public of the assignment process that will be adopted in respect of the 900 MHz and the 1800 MHz bands.

This document also provides information as to the steps that will be taken by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) in respect of the assignment of these frequencies and sets out a clear course for the selection of prospective rights of use holders. The outcome of the public consultation launched in February 2009 with respect to the assignment of spectrum in these bands has also been captured in this decision.

See also: Consultation document that was issued in February 2009

The Annex to the MCA Decision on the assignment methodology and licence conditions has also been made available below. This outlines the responses to the Consultation on the future of the 900MHz and 1800 MHz bands.

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