MCA Decision on the assignment process for additional spectrum for wireless broadband

The availability of adequate spectrum is critical to the deployment of mobile technologies particularly with respect to high-speed wireless data connections that enable the deployment of innovative services.  Such developments have a direct effect on the quality of life of the citizens both in terms of bridging the digital divide as well as in making healthcare, education and other essential elements more accessible.

With the latest developments in the local mobile industry, the use of the 800 MHz spectrum has become paramount for the mobile operators. In view of these developments, the MCA is revising the Decision so as to allign the established assignment and management principles with the current market circumstances. 

The MCA is hereby publishing an amended decision on the assignment process for additional spectrum for wireless broadband.

Proposed Amendments to the MCA Decision "Assignment Process for Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband" (MCA/C/17-2930)
MCA Consultation on the Assignment Process for Additonal Spectrum for Wireless Broadband (MCA/C/14-1839)

MCA/D/14-1933 (Superseded)

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Electronic Communications

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