Market Review for the Postal Sector: Parcel Post Markets

The MCA is hereby presenting its final decision with regards to the market review of the parcel post markets.
In determining whether a postal operator has the ability to exercise SMP in a parcel post market, the MCA will carry out a forward-looking market analysis based on existing market conditions and evidence.
The findings that emerge from this analysis suggest that MaltaPost enjoys SMP in both the domestic and outbound parcel post markets identified. This evidence is supported by the fact that MaltaPost has high market shares in the standard domestic and standard outbound parcel post markets. Moreover, the MCA does not expect that within the timeframe of this review conditions in these parcel post markets will change in a manner that effective competition is guaranteed in the absence of regulation.
In view of all this, the MCA therefore concludes that MaltaPost has significant market power in the standard domestic and the standard outbound parcel post markets. 
Full details of the MCA’s decision and reasoning are contained in Chapter 3 of this document.
Given the position of dominance held by MaltaPost in all of the parcel post markets identified for analysis the MCA is imposing a number of remedies. Full details of these remedies are contained in Chapter 4 of this document.


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