Interoperability of Car Radio Devices

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is consulting on a proposed amendment to the Electronic Communications Networks and Services (General) Regulations, SL 399.28 (‘the Regulations’) in order to implement the provisions set out in Article 113(1) of the EECC regarding the interoperability of car radio devices. The proposed amendment to the Regulations is intended to provide legal clarity to the effect that, as from 21st December 2020, any car radio receiver integrated in a new car (category M) made available for sale or rent in Malta must be equipped, as a minimum, with a DAB+ radio device. The amendments to the Regulations in short order will ensure that local car importers are aware of this requirement well in advance of the date when the obligation comes into force. The MCA is seeking the views and comments from all interested parties (including, amongst others, car importers, car rental companies, consumers and the general public) on the proposed changes to the Regulations in order to introduce measures related to the interoperability of car radio devices. Views on whether additional measures should be introduced for other radio devices intended for consumers (not only based on equipment requirements for car radios but also extending the range of possible reception channels, including, amongst others, the reception of internet radio) are also welcome. The MCA will, after taking into consideration the responses received to this consultation, submit to the Minister responsible for communications its proposed amendments to the Regulations.​This consultation period will run from the 8th October 2019 to the 12th November 2019. Please refer to Section 3 of the consultation document for further details about the submission of comments.

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Electronic Communications

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Interoperability of Car Radio Devices