Mid-Term Evaluation of the National eCommerce Strategy (2014 – 2020)

The Malta Communications Authority is publishing a mid-term review of the eCommerce Malta, National Strategy (2014-2020). The Strategy was launched by the Authority, together with Government, in October 2014 and it sets out Government’s policy in relation to eCommerce while it identifies a series of initiatives to be implemented during the strategy plan period. The exercise that the Authority is undertaking assesses the current status of the policy’s implementation to date and charts an updated way forward to continue to generate an eCommerce landscape that is creative, innovative, collaborative and adaptable.

In view of the above, the MCA invites interested parties to share their views on this revision paper. Interested parties may opt to make their submission by responding to the Guiding Questions being made available in the mid-term evaluation document on page 17 or to freely comment as deemed necessary and submit their feedback as indicated hereunder.  In either case, the MCA invites interested parties to cross reference views or comments to the relevant section and where possible, to support their response.

Whilst the MCA encourages interested parties to provide their personal/company name and the corresponding email address, feedback may be submitted anonymously. All responses received will be treated confidentially.

The MCA may update the mid-term evaluation document, if necessary, to reflect the feedback received. A final version of the evaluation document will be made available on the MCA’s website. 

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View eCommerce Malta, National eCommerce Strategy (2014 – 2020)  

Responses to this consultation are to be submitted by no later than 21st July 2017.
Access Mid-Term Evaluation feedback form

Alternatively, responses may also be sent through any of the following channels:

Email to ecommerce@mca.org.mt; or
Post to eCommerce Malta, Malta Communications Authority, Valletta Waterfront, Pinto Wharf, Floriana, FRN1913. 

Closing Date: 
Friday, July 21, 2017