Decision on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred in providing universal service obligations during 2018

In October 2023, the MCA published its decision on the Review of GO plc’s application for funding of the net cost it incurred to provide universal services obligations (USOs) in the electronic communications sector during 2018. The MCA commissioned Ernst & Young Limited (EY) as an independent body to analyse and verify the application received from GO plc, as the designated undertaking to provide USOs. Following this review, it was established that the net cost incurred by GO plc after deducting intangible benefits for providing USOs amounted to €126,547. The MCA had then published a proposed decision on the source of funding of the USOs and since no feedback was received during the public consultation period, it has been decided to publish this Decision on the same lines of the proposed decision.

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Electronic Communications

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