Decision on 'A framework for Premium Rate Services in the '5' Numbering Range'

The MCA today published the report on consultation and decision entitled "A framework for Premium Rate Services in the '5' Numbering Range". This document reports on the responses received following a consultation which was published in June 2010, and presents the MCA's final decision that will introduce interconnection for call related premium rate services.

This document also includes the roles and responsibilities of the originating and terminating operators, measures to provide adequate consumer protection and the allocation of specific number ranges to specific services. Retail charges for calls to premium rate numbers in the 5 range shall consist of a premium rate element which shall be duration dependent, and a separate conveyance element.This new framework which applies only to calls on premium rate services and shall be effective as from 1st February 2011. The framework for SMS premium rate services shall remain unchanged until further notice. 

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A Framework for Premium Rate Services in the '5' Numbering Range