Consultation on proposed revisions to Decision No. MCA/D/17-2868 concerning the assignment process for the 1.5 GHz band

In May 2017 the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) published Decision No. MCA/D/17-2868 which has made available radio spectrum in the 1452-1492 MHz band for terrestrial systems capable of providing electronic communications services, specifically supplementary-downlink (SDL) services. In April 2018 the European Commission adopted Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/661, amending the Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/750 so as to harmonise additional radio spectrum in the 1427-1452 MHz and 1492-1518 MHz for terrestrial wireless broadband communications services in the Union.

The MCA is compelled to revise its Decision No. MCA/D/17-2868 in order to make available the aforesaid additional radio spectrum available for terrestrial wireless broadband communications services in Malta. In accordance with its obligations under Article 4A of the Malta Communications Authority Act [Cap. 418 of the Laws of Malta], the MCA welcomes written comments and representations from stakeholders on the attached draft amending decision during the consultation period which shall run from the 27th December 2018 to the 25th January 2019.

The amendments to Decision No. MCA/D/17-2868 are marked in green. The Authority appreciates that respondents may provide confidential information in their feedback to this consultation document. This information is to be included in a separate annex and should be clearly marked as confidential. Respondents are also requested to state the reasons why the information should be treated as confidential. For the sake of transparency, the MCA will publish a list of all respondents to this consultation. The MCA will take the necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of all such material in accordance with the MCA’s confidentiality guidelines and procedures.

Respondents are however encouraged to avoid confidential markings wherever possible. All responses should be submitted to the MCA in writing to the address below or via the indicated email address by no later than 12.00hrs. CET on Friday the 25th January 2019 and addressed to the: Chief of Spectrum Management and Technology Malta Communications Authority Valletta Waterfront, Pinto Wharf, Floriana FRN1913, Malta Tel: +356 21 336840 Fax: +356 21 336 846 Email:

Kindly note that the consultation period has been extended until the 8th February 2019.

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Electronic Communications

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