Consultation and Proposed Decisions: Preventative measures to mitigate CLI spoofing and vishing scams

Scams which involve Calling Line Identification (CLI) spoofing are on the rise globally, facilitated in their spread and evolution by advancements in online communications solutions. Scammers increasingly rely on spoofing of locally known numbers for voice calls (vishing) to abuse of potential victims’ knowledge of, and trust in, such numbers.

Such scams comprise the misuse of, or unauthorised use of numbering resources and can thus result in lower trust in numbers and a negative impact on the market for electronic communications networks and services. Thus, the MCA is hereby publishing a Consultation Paper which proposes a framework of interventions, to be introduced at an electronic communications network (ECN) level, which are aimed at identifying, and subsequently blocking, potential scam calls received in Malta over international network interfaces.

It is worth noting that the task of distinguishing calls with spoofed CLI from legitimate calls is not a straightforward exercise. Thus, the proposed interventions are intended to mitigate scam calls using spoofed Maltese numbers while having minimal impact on legitimate calls. In this regard, the proposed interventions are also intended to regulate the provision of outbound calling with Maltese CLI, enabled through ‘overseas solutions’ such as over-the-top and cloud-based communications solutions.

Interested stakeholders are invited to take this opportunity to participate in this consultative process and to submit any feedback to this Consultation Paper and the Proposed Decisions.

UPDATE: Extension to deadline for submission of feedback

Following a request from an interested party, the MCA has granted an extension to the deadline for the submission of responses to its consultation and proposed decisions titled ‘Preventative measures to mitigate CLI spoofing and vishing scams’ (MCA/C/23-5080) until 12:00 CET on Wednesday, 15 November 2023.

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Electronic Communications

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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