Consultation and Proposed Decision on the review of GO plc's application for funding relating to the provision of universal service obligations on electronic communications services during 2018

In accordance with national law, an undertaking designated with the obligation to provide universal services has the right to request compensation for the net costs it considers to have incurred to provide part or all of the universal services. The MCA received a written request from GO plc, as the designated undertaking, claiming compensation for the net cost it considers to have incurred in providing universal services in the electronic communications sector during the financial year 2018. The MCA has commissioned Ernst & Young Limited (EY) as an independent body to review and verify the application received. Following the review and verifications carried out by EY, it emerged that GO had incurred an element of unfair burden for providing the following universal services, namely, public payphones, comprehensive electronic directory and social tariffs. In its claim, GO plc also included the intangible benefit of brand enhancement resulting from providing universal services and, after deducting such benefit from the burden incurred, the total net costs amounted to €126,547. The consultation period shall run from the 18th September to the 11th October 2023.

Regulatory Type: 
Electronic Communications

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Closing Date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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