Apparatus General Authorisation established pursuant to Article 30A of the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act (Cap. 399)

The Malta Communications Authority published Decision No. MCA/D/22-4662 which establishes the framework for the installation or use of radiocommunications apparatus regulated by an apparatus general authorisation. Adopted pursuant to Article 30A of the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act (Cap. 399), this Decision lays down the rights and obligations of persons installing, making use of or dealing in any such radiocommunications apparatus as set out in the Schedules. The radiocommunications apparatus to which this Decision applies are described in the 33rd, 34th and 37th Schedules and refer to specific satellite terminals operating in frequency bands designated for satellite-related services in accordance with the National Frequency Plan. These are being adopted following a public consultation procedure undertaken in October 2021 (consultation reference MCA/C/21-4319) which, inter alia, proposed to regulate new types of radiocommunications apparatus by an apparatus general authorisation. This approach is in accordance with the applicable decisions of the Electronic Communications Committee, adopted within the framework of CEPT.

The Decision complements the General Authorisations (Radiocommunications Apparatus) Regulations (S.L.399.40) until such time as these Regulations remain into effect. In the circumstances, the publication of Schedule Nos. 1-32, 35 and 36 is being postponed to a later date.

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Electronic Communications

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Related Consultation:
Consultation on proposed amendments to the general authorisation regime for radiocommunications apparatus