Accounting Separation and Publication of Financial Information by Maltapost plc

The Malta Communications Authority has been designated with the responsibility of regulating the Postal Sector under the Postal Services Act (Cap 254) with effect from 1 June 2003.

Legal Notice 296 of 2004 designates Maltapost plc as a universal service provider with an obligation to provide all the universal services required by or under the Postal Services Act.

One of the main pillars of the Regulatory Framework for Postal Services is the establishment of principles governing transparency of accounts, in order to ensure transparency and non-discrimination in tariffs. This is achieved through the implementation of cost accounting systems and accounting separation within the Postal Services operating environment.

This Decision establishes the framework under which Maltapost plc as the Universal Service provider shall prepare separated accounts. This Decision deals exclusively with the preparation and submission of annual Regulatory Accounts. The MCA shall continue liaising with Maltapost in relation to other work streams such as the establishment of an RPI-X price control mechanism. Separated financial and cost accounting information can be requested from Maltapost plc on an ad hoc basis, as may be necessary from time to time in relation to other regulatory obligations.

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