Talk at MCA about tech start-ups

On Tuesday 14th April 2015, Mr Andrei-Andy Linnas, Manager at TAKEOFF Business Incubator, delivered a talk at MCA about tech start-up industry highlighting some local success stories.  Mr Linnas is responsible for the coordination of TAKEOFF, the business incubator established on the University of Malta campus. 
During the talk, Mr Linnas, outlined the delicate early stages of start-ups focusing on early investment. The many challenges and pitfalls on the way to success were also outlined. Mr Linnas concluded his talk by giving a brief overview of the Maltese and international start-up landscape. 
Over the past years the MCA has been collaborating and supporting the University of Malta and the TAKEOFF Business Incubator through various joint research and entrepreneurship initiatives.  Late in 2014 the MCA and TAKEOFF have launched a seed fund award to stimulate local start-ups.