Showcasing the Future of Wireless Communications

The Mobile World Congress 2018 - the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry – has come and gone. More than 2,400 companies, showcased immersive demonstrations of the most cutting-edge mobile enabled products and services in the world today.  Like other cutting edge technologies, 5G also was a must have feature; this was unquestionable the year for 5G at MWC 2018!

With an early version of the 5G specifications approved late last year, MWC 2018 was the perfect saddle for 5G demos on all varieties of communications – from prototype phones to wearables, VR headsets to drones to name just a few. The general sense at MWC was that 5G will revolutionize mobile communication. Because 5G is still  a nascent technology, much of what 5G promises to offer beyond existing networks (4G LTE ) will of course make its way into smartphones and other consumer devices in the very near future with the more immediate use cases (robotics, autonomous vehicles and  virtual reality) being far more localized.

During 2018, the MCA will continue working on its 5G implementation strategy aimed at facilitating the deployment of 5G Networks in Malta while concurrently achieving the 5G targets as set by the European Commission. Spectrum Management, Network Infrastructure, IP Addressing, Appropriate Regulatory Environment, Emerging Technologies and 5G Verticals are the subject matters that the MCA will be actively looking into as part of its 5G implementation strategy. In particular, the MCA will carry out a feasibility study to identify potential interest and material use cases that tap into the potential of next generation 5G technologies and services for the benefit of the Maltese market. The study is intended to pave the way to 5G tests and pre-commercial trials in 2019, subject to market interest and involving stakeholders across industry, academia and citizens. 5G trials will support the early introduction of services enabled by 5G technologies in Malta.

5G mobile-connected products and services will create a better future for citizens and businesses around the world, in diverse areas such as home, automotive, health, agriculture, utilities, industrial and more.