Travelling within the Union

If you have a Maltese SIM card on your mobile device and are planning to travel within EU countries, the Roam Like at Home rules will apply, unless you made an agreement with your local service provider for a different roaming package.

ROAM LIKE AT HOME means that when you use your current local mobile service whilst abroad in the EU, including making and receiving voice calls, sending and receiving SMSs as well as using other mobile services such as voicemail and data services, you will be charged with the same rates that you would be charged when using your mobile service to other networks in Malta.

Before travelling from Malta, you should always check whether any of the countries that you are visiting, including those where you will be making only brief stops, are not part of the EU since Roam Like at Home will not automatically apply in such cases.  If you are travelling and making use of mobile roaming services provided on board of cruise ships, then Roam Like at Home also does not apply.  In any case, it is always a good idea to monitor the usage of your mobile service when travelling and roaming abroad.


Transparency and control mechanisms are applicable in both EU and non-EU countries. Upon entering the country, you will automatically receive an SMS with pricing information and details on how to contact your operator, should you require any further information.

A data roaming limit is automatically set, unless you have selected otherwise, so that service should be interrupted in cases where high usage may result in very high bills. Please note that if you are travelling outside the EU then your service provider might not receive real time information on your data consumption from the foreign network operator. In this case this limit would not apply, however you will be notified by an SMS when entering such a country that information on data consumption is not available.  Subject to such limitations, your data roaming limit is normally set at a level which is close to, but not exceeding, €50 (excl VAT) unless you have selected otherwise, and your service provider will also notify you once you have consumed 80% of the agreed financial or volume cut-off data roaming limit.

REMEMBER: Always check these fees with your service provider before travelling.

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 Last Updated on 09/12/2020