Request for Quotes: Call for External Experts - Innovation in Communications

Request for Quotes: Call for External Experts to contribute in a study about Malta’s readiness for business innovation in communications

The Malta Communications Authority (‘MCA’) invites applications from qualified external experts to assist the Authority in undertaking a study about Malta’s readiness to attract innovation in communications. The MCA will be engaging a number of experts from different fields of expertise to support the Authorities’ efforts in undertaking this study.

Objectives of Study:

The study will explore the current disruptive forces shaping the local, European and Global markets; the present and expected relevant local and European policies; and also locating and exploring potential strategic avenues for the Maltese economy.

The study will aim at:

mapping at high-level the current and planned policy priorities (Malta and Europe) in the context of technological advancement, market trends, and the European Single Market;

  • generating foresight on future economic activity with a focus on disruption, market consolidation, and tech start-up activity;
  • understanding local stakeholder’s receptivity towards disruption and innovation (public and private);
  • locating economic opportunities and the related foreseeable barriers; and
  • proposing a set of policy recommendations aimed at addressing disruptive waves and readying the economy for future opportunity.

Terms of engagement:

The External Experts will be assisting Authority personnel through expert advice and by undertaking specific assigned engagements that will entail:

  • Desk research;
  • Organising and managing interviews and focus groups;
  • Report writing; and
  • Other related tasks.

Experts may also be required to contribute to stakeholder consultation initiatives and in the dissemination and discussion of study outcomes.

Work will be undertaken in Q4 2015 with possibility of some engagements in Q1 2016.

Expert Eligibility:

Experts with a professional background in ICT law, technology, business and public policy, with specialist competence in any of the below identified Domains of Competence may apply.

Domains of Competence

  • Innovation culture, entrepreneurship and start-ups;
  • eCommerce, digital media, intellectual property and copyright;
  • Information systems, innovation management; and
  • ICT FDI, business incentives.

Engagement Conditions

Any engagement resulting from this call will be offered under a contract of service with the MCA with a maximum hourly rate of €50 (fifty Euro) per hour inclusive of VAT. No employment contract will be offered.

Selected Experts must confirm that they will adhere to the below conditions should a contract for service be offered.

Experts will be remunerated on a per hour engagement rate that does not exceed €50 (fifty Euro) net of VAT. Only the expert may work on the engagement. No task, or part of, may be subcontracted or reassigned to subordinates or other experts. Experts will be expected to attend meetings organised by the MCA related to prior planning or to the presentation of any work undertaken. Time engaged in such meetings will not be eligible for remuneration provided that duration of meetings does not exceed 15% (fifteen) of the total time of engagement.

The MCA will not make available any remuneration or financial allowance to cover costs or disruption incurred by the Expert in relation to transport, accommodation, subsistence, consumables and working facilities.

Eligibility and Selection criteria:

In order to be considered eligible, applicants must hold a university degree at Masters level or higher.

External Experts will be selected following a comparative evaluation carried out by MCA and based on the below selection criteria:

Technical – expertise in the specific Domain(s) of Competence directly related to the task – weighted 40%

Technical – professional capacity to perform the task assigned – weighted 40%

Price – weighted 20%

A comparative evaluation will be undertaken for every Domain of Competence selected by the applicant.

The technical pass mark is set at 60 (out of 80) and each applicant must score a minimum of 30(out of 40) in the respective Domain of Competence and 30(out of 40) in professional capacity. Where an applicant selects more than one Domain of Competence, a different evaluation and score will be issued for each selection.

Candidates may be requested to attend an interview and present supporting documentation as part of the selection process.

A ranking will be issued for each Domain of Competence. Applicants will be ranked according to the evaluation score. Only applicants that obtain the minimum pass mark in the respective domain of competence will be ranked.

The MCA will select the two highest ranking External Experts from every Domain of Competence. An engagement of 50 to 80 hours will be offered to select External Expert for each Domain of Competence.

A candidate can rank high and be selected in more than one Domain of Competence. However, the maximum value of a contract assigned to an Eternal Expert will not exceed €6,000 inclusive of VAT. This restriction applies even if the expert is selected in more than one Domain of Competence. If this threshold is reached, any further engagements will be assigned to the next runner-up in the respective Domain of Competence.


External Experts interested in this call are invited to submit their applications using the attached form, including rate per hour (not exceeding the maximum established rate indicated by the MCA) and a detailed Curriculum Vitae , to by no later than noon of 4th September, 2015.

Kindly download word version of the Response Form.