Registered Mail - A Consultation

The postal services market is becoming increasingly dynamic, with ongoing challenges especially due the downward trend in traditional mail services on the one hand, and opportunities due to the growth in eCommerce-related services on the other hand.  MaltaPost plc is the provider of Universal Postal Services in Malta, and all the above aspects influence the company’s overall performance.

One of the traditional services which are impacted by such factors is Registered Mail.  MaltaPost offers this service on a nationwide basis.  This service is also subject to various challenges present within the postal sector. 

In April 2018, MaltaPost communicated with the Malta Communications Authority regarding a proposal for the local and outbound registered mail fees, i.e. the service that provides the sender with optional tracking service (since it is provided to the sender upon request).  This service also guarantees a proof of successful delivery since a signature has to be provided by the recipient once the item is delivered.

The MCA evaluated MaltaPost’s proposal and identified three possible scenarios that are described in further detail in the consultation which can be viewed here.