Radio Spectrum Policy Programme 2019 – 2023

Radio spectrum is a valuable resource. Its effective and efficient management leads to the availability of resilient electronic communications networks and services. Key economic sectors including aviation, maritime, as well as the public administration and the private sector depend on the effective management of spectrum. Consequently, the appropriate usage of spectrum ensures that the needs and the well-being of society is protected and, possibly, enriched.

A spectrum policy defines the rationale behind spectrum management - the allocation, assignment, monitoring and enforcement. A central purpose in publishing the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme is to provide spectrum users with an updated overview of the MCA’s spectrum management priorities. During the coming years, developments in 5G including the relevant spectrum, Internet of Things (IoT) and other wireless connectivity technologies will require the MCA to consider whether changes are necessary to the way it manages spectrum. Our approach to spectrum management continues to be shaped by our ongoing experiences, research, observations and evaluation of the spectrum management environment both in Malta, Europe and across the globe. This enables the MCA to develop innovative management methodologies deemed most appropriate for the unique local market and industries.

The proposed five year Radio Spectrum Policy Programme is a key part of the Malta Communications Authority’s strategy of consultation and constructive dialogue with public stakeholders, industry, consumers and citizens alike. This approach ensures that the regulatory tools are efficient and appropriate in the face of ever-increasing demand for access to spectrum and technology evolution. Your feedback on the proposed policy programme will assist us in delivering spectrum management activities consistent with our strategic goals.

The consultation on the five year Radio Spectrum Policy Programme shall run until the 5th August 2019. Please email your comments to

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