Quality of Service Results - MaltaPost

Results are out in relation to local postal articles delivered the following day (referred to by the industry as a J+1 standard). These have been audited in accordance with the requirements and methodologies established in various MCA decisions on Quality of Service (QoS) performance obligations placed on MaltaPost (as the Universal Service Provider). 


The final audited QoS results on the various categories of mail for the financial year ended October 2016 to September 2017:

  • Single Piece Ordinary Mail: J+1 of 94.8%
  • Bulk Mail: J+1 of 95.34%
  • Registered Mail: J+1 of 98.53%         
  • Parcel: J+1 of 98.69%


A marked improvement on the QoS performance in all of the above mentioned local postal activities compared to the previous financial year has been noticed.  As regulator for postal matters the MCA shall continue monitoring the MaltaPost’s quality of service performance on a quarterly basis and shall maintain its on-going communication with MaltaPost with the objective to improve further these results.