Postal Redirection Service – Consultation on MaltaPost proposals

The Malta Communications Authority is consulting on a request made by MaltaPost plc for a revision of the local redirection tariffs and other changes to the service conditions.  MaltaPost plc submitted its proposals after the company reviewed the operational aspect and financial performance of this service.

MaltaPost plc is designated as the postal operator required to provide certain mail services on a nation-wide basis.  One of these services is the Postal Redirection Service, which allows an addressee who has moved to a new address to continue receiving mail bearing the previous address for a period of time.

MaltaPost requested such revisions since the redirection service is loss-making, it is operationally taxing, and open to non-proper use (making it easier to those not acting in good faith to conceal their real postal address).  The redirection service is also one of those services which is generating significant customer complaints since the manual effort involved in sorting and delivery, compounded with incomplete or ambiguous addressing, renders the service prone to mistakes.  MaltaPost plc therefore requested that users should be provided the service for a maximum period of one year.

After requesting MaltaPost to provide further information and clarifications, the Malta Communication Authority is now consulting on the proposals made by MaltaPost.  The consultation paper may be viewed here.