No more EU cross border barriers due to new content portability rules.

GO plc and Melita Ltd to extend access to their online content services when subscribers visit another EU Member State.

In this digital age, more and more consumers are purchasing online music and video services thus enabling them to access these services remotely from their mobile devices.  Until a while ago, many consumers could not access the online content services they had rightfully bought in their home country when travelling to other EU Member State countries. This is especially relevant for content such as films, TV series and sports broadcasts.

The EU Regulation on cross-border portability of online content services is designed to abolish this restriction and enable consumers to access the same online content that they currently access in their country of residence while on the move in other EU Member State countries. 

There is no doubt that these rules will benefit local subscribers as both GO and Melita announced that they will make their respective online content services available to their customers when they are temporarily visiting another EU Member State.  In accordance with the new rules, subscribers will be able to continue to access their content, with the same conditions applicable when using the service in their country of residence.  This means that Maltese subscribers will not be charged any additional access fees when using the service in another EU Member State on their personal devices.

For more information subscribers are encouraged to visit their service providers’ website or to contact their customer support services.