2014: MCA Consumer Perceptions Survey - Mobile Data Usage

The survey consisted of interviews carried out over the phone during February and March 2014 with the intent of obtaining information about the use of mobile data services by the general public. The interviews were proportionately representative of the actual Maltese population by age.

The study delved into various facets of internet use on mobile, amongst which the frequency of use, type of connection mostly used, data plans preferred and the activities carried out.  It also explored the reasons why a number of mobile phone users desist from accessing the internet on their mobile phones.

After completing the 500  interviews, it resulted that a total  of 209  respondents had used mobile data services prior to the interview.  In order to maintain the statistical significance of the results of these 209 respondents, an additional 291 boost interviews with mobile internet users were carried out.  These 291 extra interviews were proportionately representative of  the first 209  interviews in terms of age of respondents.

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