MCA survey indicates a lack of awareness on the monthly cost of broadband services.

A new survey commissioned by the Malta Communications Authority and conducted by EMCS in the second half of 2017 shows a continued rise in the adoption of fixed broadband in Maltese homes. From the 903 respondents to the survey, 94% confirm that a fixed broadband connection is accessible from their residence, up from 77% reported in 2015.

Notably, more households now have access to high and ultra-high download speeds, with 32% of respondents having access to fixed broadband saying they avail from a connection supporting a download speed of 50Mbps to 100Mbps. This percentage is up from just 9% recorded in 2015.

81% of all respondents with access to the internet in their home are satisfied with their fixed broadband service. This finding somewhat correlates with the low levels of switching noted in the sector, with only 10% of respondents having internet access saying that they have switched operator in the past two years.

Many broadband households exhibited a lack of awareness of their monthly expenditure on the service and on the actual speed of their connection. From the 846 respondents reporting having access to the internet, 46% were not in a position to indicate how much they spend on the service. Meanwhile, two out of every three respondents that were knowledgeable on their monthly financial outlay on the fixed broadband service report an expenditure ranging from €20 to €50. Another key finding with respect to price sensitivity is that, among those knowledgeable of the monthly expenditure, 47% feel that the service is expensive.

Another remarkable finding for the survey is that only 28% of respondents with an internet connection at home know their download and upload speeds. Compounding the general lack of knowledge of internet speeds is the lack of usage of download speed tests.  Just 18% of respondents with a fixed broadband access at home say they have tested their connection’s download speed. 

More information on the main findings of the survey concerning fixed broadband can be found here.