Malta tops the list in the use of internet marketing by businesses

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) positively notes the results emerging from a recent study by Eurostat in which Malta ranks at the top amongst EU countries in the use of the Internet by SMEs for promotional purposes. The study reports that 46% of SMEs established in Malta resort to the Internet for advertising purposes, whilst 71% make use of social media channels to convey their promotional messages.  These results confirm the findings ensuing from a study that the MCA recently published, about the use of the Internet and eCommerce by enterprises. The findings from this study denote that 47% of the respondents use the Internet to engage with their customers, whilst 73% of local corporate internet users prefer to engage in digital marketing, as opposed to the use of more traditional channels, to advertise and promote their products or services. 

It is worth noting that whilst the Eurostat study only considers enterprises employing 9 or more persons, the survey undertaken by the MCA encompasses a wider spectrum of the local industry, ranging from micro-enterprises up to larger enterprises. 

The MCA remains committed in its efforts to support and assist Maltese businesses, especially micro-enterprises, to leverage the use of digital technology in their drive to grow their business, particularly digital commerce. In this spirit, the MCA will be rolling out other initiatives in 2017 aimed at assisting local businesses thrive in this digital age. 

Further data related to the study carried out by the MCA can be viewed here.

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