Malta-Digital Innovation Hub selected to participate in a fully-funded training programme

The Malta-Digital Innovation Hub, represented by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), participated in a kick-off workshop of the Smart Factories in New EU Member States: Training and Mentoring Programme. This meeting kick-started the training and mentoring programme that 34 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) from 13 EU Member States will follow, to ensure that each DIH can assist in the ongoing digital transformation.

The MCA as Malta’s National Regulatory Authority on the provision of electronic communications services, plays an important role in facilitating the deployment and adoption of new technologies in Malta. MCA is also responsible of promoting innovation in Electronic Communications Services and ICT and to strengthen Malta’s Digital Society.  Electronic communications services now seek to connect not solely people but also various sensors and intelligent robots.  This is known as the Internet of Things. The need to digitally connect everything reliably, over mobile communications networks with faster broadband speeds and ultra-low latency is in turn driving the development of 5G. In view of the latest technological advances, MCA has already embarked on a program to facilitate their deployment in Malta as these will bring about various economic and social benefits.

Within this context, the MCA, University of Malta, MCAST, MITA, Malta Enterprise and the Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, joined forces and formed a consortium called Malta-Digital Innovation Hub (M-DIH).  The M-DIH shall consolidate the existing ecosystem to enable businesses to access sector-specific, technological and financial expertise.  M-DIH, is one of 34 successful applicants selected by the Steering Committing and the EC, to participate in a fully-funded training and mentoring programme provided by PwC and Oxentia. This programme shall ensure that each EU Member State has the necessary know-how to setup a DIH to assist micro, SMEs and start-ups.

The MCA on behalf of M-DIH, participated in a kick-off workshop held in Sofia, Bulgaria during the month of February 2018.  During this meeting, PwC and Oxentia presented the training and mentoring program, which will support each DIH to develop a market led business model. The consortium, with the support of this training will explore business models, funding and provide policy guidelines on the establishment of the M-DIH.