Malta-based start-ups gather for ZEST Malta 2017

ZEST Malta 2017, the main gathering for Malta-based start-ups, is currently being held at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort and Spa. The event is being attended by start-up founders and CEOs, investors, talent, influencers and support professionals, and brings together a cosmopolitan crowd of locals, expats and fly-ins, whilst offering the ideal setting for attendees to discover opportunities and build lasting relationships.

ZEST is the MCA’s contribution towards raising further awareness on the start-up phenomenon and bringing the Maltese start-up community closer together. It also serves as an exceptional platform for youths to discover what tech entrepreneurship can offer and urge them to make the most of this opportunity. Furthermore, ZEST gives visibility to the Maltese ecosystem, whilst showcasing its potential well beyond its shores.

More than 50 world-class speakers are participating in this year’s event, discussing topics such as business foresight, investment, scaling strategies, organisational culture, and the impact of emerging technologies on established verticals such as; finance, content and hospitality.

In his address, the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, the Hon. Silvio Schembri reiterated his belief that Malta can serve as home to a community of technology start-ups, stating that “Malta never shied away from being different and standing out from the crowd”. He added that the Maltese “are unafraid of sailing out to uncharted seas”, a characteristic which can be very attractive to start-ups. 

A tiny fraction of sharp start-ups can have a significant impact on Malta’s economy. Malta is ideal for technology start-ups because it is a member of the European Union, is English speaking, cosmopolitan, and home to a highly capable and experienced workforce. Moreover, Malta can offer regulatory nimbleness, lifestyle and low burn-rate.

ZEST is organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) and is sponsored by, Go Beyond Investing, i.e. Business School, Sherpa and Alter Domus. The Times of Malta, MITA Innovation Hub, Finance Malta, the European Commission, Gaming Malta and Mimcol, are partners in the event. 

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