Internet & eCommerce Use by Consumers – September 2008

The MCA carried out its fifth eCommerce survey to obtain an indication of the level of eCommerce use by consumers across the islands, and the sector’s potential for growth. 

The survey results indicate that, although slightly more than two-thirds of the population have Internet access (66%), only half of the population actually use the Internet (49%). Not surprisingly, its use is highest amongst the younger age groups, students, professionals and office workers. The Internet is largely used for research purposes and buying online, followed by entertainment and communication purposes, such as e-mail and chatting. Not knowing how to use the Internet, not having the time to use it or simply a lack of interest in the subject, are the main reasons given by those who do not use the Internet. Almost two-thirds of Internet users (61%) purchase online which translates to 30% of the total population. This represents an impressive increase of 10% over the past two years. 

This quantitative survey was conducted by means of telephone interviews. 

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