Installation of Services: What you need to know

When comparing offers for the provision of a fixed telephony, internet and/or TV service, an important aspect to be considered is the installation.  In certain instances, the installation of a service/s may come at a cost.  This is because most of the service providers need to send one of their technicians to the customers’ premises to lay out the necessary wiring in order to install new service/s. Having said this, a number of offers made available by service providers may apply discounts or may provide installation services for free to subscribers.

The MCA compiled an indicative comparative table outlining the different installation charges which may be applied by service providers.  This table shows how installation charges may vary considerably from one service/s plan to another and it is therefore of utmost importance that before subscribing to a service consumers enquire about such costs as this information can help them choose a deal which best suits their needs. The information included in the table compiled by the MCA has been gathered from publicly information published by service providers and should only serve to obtain an indicative overview of the different amounts, which could be applied by providers to consumers to cover their installation costs.  Consumers are encouraged to get in touch with the service providers to gather information about the exact costs of installation for any service/s plan they are interested to subscribe to. 

Besides being aware of any applicable installation costs, consumers are also advised to seek information on the timeframes required to have the services installed.  Timeframes could vary depending, amongst others, on the location of the premises where the services need to be installed; any permits that may need to be obtained to conduct works; weather conditions; and the number of installation requests made at the time of order.  Some services offered by some providers can be self-installed and in such cases subscribers would be required to collect the equipment from one of the service providers’ outlets.

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