Implementing Better QoS for Telecommunications through Expert Mobility

This project aims to equip the Malta Communications Authority with better knowledge of methods, processes, skills and tools used in foreign counterparts in the ambit of providing better quality of service in the electronic communications sector. 

The project recognizes the fact that quality of service in electronic communications is a wide area and needs to be tackled from different angles. In fact, the individual mobilities are designed in such a way to focus on targeted respects of the theme. The objectives include, amongst others: increasing knowledge and skills in the technical quality of the electronic communications provided by the operators; methods of auditing such services; the methods of improving the quality experienced by consumers; the possibility of having a dedicated entity for disputes and the possibility of including broadband at more affordable prices. 

Even though the mobilities all focus on different aspects, outcomes of each will feed into MCA’s mission statement: ‘To promote and safeguard sustainable competition, customer choice and value for money in the electronic communications, eCommerce and postal sectors; and to facilitate the development of an environment that is conducive to investment, innovation, social inclusion and economic growth.’ 

Around eight qualified and experienced members of the staff will be taking part in four mobilities that consist of around two or three days each. The mobilities will mainly be composed of job shadowing, observations and discussions with the hosts about the topics mentioned above. 

The results of such a project will not only benefit MCA in terms of organisation development but will also benefit Malta’s society through improved quality and choice of provided services together with safeguarding their rights. The operators will also stand to gain in such a project given that their rights and duties will also be looked into when providing/purchasing wholesale services and given also that since the consumers will be more satisfied with improved quality of service, the demand should therefore increase. 

The project results will be disseminated internally though information sessions, unit meetings, questionnaires and externally through consumer awareness campaigns, social media, articles, Mobility Tool+ platform and possibly also one-to-one operator meetings.