Highlighting the importance of setting up a digital strategy at this year’s SIMFO

In today’s digital era, it is crucial for businesses to realise the importance of setting up a digital strategy. A discussion about this was brought forward by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) during this year’s edition of the Single Market Forum, organised by the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, and the European Commission.

The aim of the Single Market Forum is to enable citizens, businesses and EU policy-makers to evaluate the implementation of the Single Market, by bringing together stakeholders and the general public to share their experiences and to discuss their policy recommendations for the future.

The MCA presented the findings of the mid-term Evaluation of the National eCommerce Strategy which highlights how digital transformation is changing eCommerce, and together with the GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs, moderated a session on how eCommerce is changing people’s shopping habits and creating new opportunities for businesses.

Later on participants came together for a workshop that was aimed at discussing the importance for entrepreneurs to keep abreast with the current digital shift and thus, set the right digital strategy for their business. This discussion shed light on the importance of identifying the business' target audience as the baseline of the business' digital strategy, which ultimately leads to determining the right digital channels to implement. The significance of market research, evaluation, iteration, and analytics were also debated.