Fault Repair Timeframes and Compensation Schemes

The MCA is publishing information on the different fault repair timeframes and compensation schemes published by service providers in the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts’.  This table is intended to serve as a tool for consumers to seek easily accessible information on the type of redress they should expect to receive when experiencing faults.  This table can be accessed in PDF format from here.

All service providers are committed to deliver a service in accordance with the service levels agreed to in their terms and conditions.  This does not mean however that the service is fault free and technical glitches may arise occasionally.  When this happens, consumers are advised to immediately contact their service provider to report the fault.  The issues causing faults may vary and could include, amongst others, network outage or network failure; damages to internal wiring;  damages to the modem; misuse; force majeure and interference.  

Service providers are responsible to ensure that any arising issues are addressed in the shortest time possible and service providers should be able to advise their customers on how and when their service will be restored. Service providers will generally first try to diagnose the technical problem causing the fault remotely however, when this is not possible, a technician may need to visit the customer’s premises to conduct further investigation.

If, after having gone through the service provider’s complaint handling procedures, customers remain unsatisfied with the response and/or solution offered they may then refer their complaint to the MCA.  The extent of the action the MCA can take in relation to a complaint depends on the particulars of the issues involved and on the MCA's relevant legal powers.  The MCA will follow-up the matter with the service provider until the necessary remedial action/s are taken.  During this process, the MCA will provide customers with all the relevant information on the matter, so that they will have a better understanding of their rights and the possible courses of action available to them, including where relevant information on how to file a complaint with the Consumer Claims Tribunal if they wish to seek for additional compensations as a result of alleged damages suffered.

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